Day 1 - Halló from Iceland

What was supposed to be a nice and easy couple of flights turned out to be rather stressful, but after about 12 hours spent in various airports, we finally made our way to Keflavik airport. Another 90 minutes spent getting our rental car (sadly not the Subaru Forrester we were hoping for, but some big Kia instead), we started our 6.5 hour drive to Húsavík for the first stop on the trip.

Driving all around the coast of northern Iceland was pretty amazing (and a bit nerve-wrecking at times). Lots of amazing views, and lots of crazy roads with twists and turns and various animals all over the place. Unfortunately I was behind the wheel, so not many photos from the drive, but we eventually managed to find our way (thanks GPS!) to our first stop. Even though we arrived later in the evening, there was still plenty of light out to take a few photos of the surrounding area. 

When I initially packed my photo backpack for this trip and weighed it, it came out to 31 pounds. I questioned the decision to bring so much gear after a few hours of hauling it through airports and in and out of buses and cars, and I was pretty certain I took way too much equipment.... And then I got a chance to actually take some photos. I think it the temporary shoulder and back-aches will be worth it when we get back home.