Day 2 - Part 2 - Horses, and Downtown Húsavík

After Dettifoss, we drove to a natural hot-spring and got out the bathing suits to check out what these blue silica pools were all about. It was pretty interesting, and sulfur-smelly (this is an unfortunately consistent theme throughout Iceland, thus far ), but due to steam and water all over the place I didn't bring the camera.

After the quick stop in the hot springs, we went back to our cottage and planned out the rest of the day. We spotted some horses on the farm near our cottage, and walked over to say hi. Sadly we didn't have any carrots or apples on us, but Jessica was persistent enough with her horse-wooing sound effects that they eventually came over to say hello.

I was using the 90mm Macro to shoot the horses, and on the walk back to the cottage I spotted a few more tiny colorful items.

After hanging out with the horses, we decided to head into Husavik for some dinner. I managed to locate a place that had a decent pepperoni pizza (yeah, I know..) and after that we walked around the harbor area. Due to some sort of science (or perhaps the Huldufólk, the Icelandic elves..) , the sun stays out longer which in turn means the golden hour here is a bit longer than usual. It definitely worked in our favor tonight.