Japanese Cameras in Chinatown

A few of us Chicago-based photographers from the Fuji forums decided to take a trip over to Chinatown and walk around. It was a really nice day out, though in retrospect, I think shooting Chinatown at night would've been more fun and productive.

We got started early, around 9AM to catch some good sunlight and shadows, and ended up walking for a few hours. The fitbit was very pleased with my step count by the time we finished up.

For some reason, there just seems to be a lot of character to the people in Chinatown. Maybe it's just the change from my normal Loop mid-day office worker that I normally run into, but I just feel like the 'stories' are much more apparent in this little area of Chicago.

Besides the general farmers markets throughout the city, this is one of the only places you'll find fruits and vegetable stands just lining the streets, ready to be bought and sold. Lots of commerce goes down in this little stretch of the city.

I think it was a few hours well spent with a fun group of guys. We could've easily spent the whole day shooting the sights and people of Chinatown, and hopefully soon I'll get a chance to head back at night to capture how the neighborhood changes at night.

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