Easter 2014

My wife's family is about 3.5 hours from us, so we end up spending a few holidays a year there. Easter is always fun, not just for the food and desserts that get made, but seeing the growing families and watching traditions get passed down and shared with newer generations. Plus, people wear bunny ears, and that's always a good time for a photographer! I think Jessica pulls off the ears quite nicely!

The usual Easter eggs are hidden (by the Easter Bunny, naturally) and then hunted, and the pets get in on some of the hunting and play-time.

One of the more interesting traditions is the game of Annie-Annie-Over. A set of kids (or in our case, kids and bigger 'kids') stand on opposite sides of a small building. One group throws a ball onto, and over, the roof and the other group catches the ball. The group that threw the ball attempts to run to the other side of the building, while the group that now has the ball tries to tag the other team by touching them with the ball, or throwing the ball at them. If tagged, the 'kid' switches groups, and you repeat the process. It's a good work-out.

And then once the kids (and big kids) have gotten some exercise in, it's on to some sugar!

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